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Cellular Age


Determine if you’re aging faster than normal. We measure the protective end caps of your DNA (called telomeres) and compare your cellular age to normal levels for people your chronological age. Repeat testing can help you evaluate how your diet and exercise changes are impacting your quality of life.

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How Can I Defy My DNA?

Defy Your DNA testing helps you discover whether your genes carry risk factors for developing nutritional deficiencies, maintaining a healthy weight, and various heart conditions. Your results may alert you to potential risks and weaknesses affecting your health that could benefit from extra focus before they become an issue. Choosing health now reduces illness later.

Learning your specific DNA is just one chapter of the story. Understanding your risks can allow you to focus on the most important lifestyle changes. Food choices, types of exercise, smoking, and drinking alcohol can affect your health. Your quality of sleep, stress level and how you manage stress are all important. Making targeted improvements in your lifestyle can help reduce your appetite, possibly slow the rate of cellular aging, and help your body to better absorb nutrients.

Stop wasting your time on the newest fad diet or the latest supplement and get recommendations that are specific to you. Learn the risks coded within your DNA. Then, rewrite your story. This is how you Defy Your DNA.

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The Defy Your DNA tests detect only specific targeted genetic variations and there is a possibility that other genetic variants not detected by these tests may be present. The DNA variants tested for in these reports have been scientifically determined to be possible risk factors for the reported condition. The content of these reports is provided for informational purposes only, not as a diagnostic tool. These reports do not supersede the judgment of a qualified medical provider. These tests are not a substitute for a comprehensive consideration of all factors that influence the maintenance of a healthy body. Genetic risk factors are not guarantees that you will develop a condition, and in many cases, the presence of a particular DNA variant may only play a minor role in your risk for disease, compared with environmental and lifestyle factors. These tests are not FDA approved. The tests' performance characteristics have been established and maintained by Kashi Clinical Laboratories under CLIA and CAP compliance.

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Cellular Age



Determine if you’re aging faster than normal. We measure the protective end caps of your DNA (called telomeres) and compare it to normal levels for people your chronological age. Faster-than-normal telomere shortening is associated with an earlier onset of health problems, but research shows that improved lifestyle choices can slow down the shortening process.

Because your telomere length is compared to that of your peers, you must provide your gender and year of birth to perform this test.

Learn more about telomeres

Everyone’s telomeres — protective caps at the ends of chromosomes — shorten over time as part of the aging process. If your telomeres are shortening faster-than-normal, this is a sign that more cellular damage has occurred. This damage can be from genetic factors, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. People with longer telomere lengths have healthier DNA with less damage. These people are at lower risk of certain health conditions.

Why Order This Test?

This test is a great choice if you want a baseline assessment about your rate of aging. If you’re making big changes to your diet and exercise, we recommend ordering this once for a baseline assessment and then re-testing in 3-6 months to track your changes over time.

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